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Galerie des rois

A gift set of Saint-Louis crystal tumblers to support the restoration of the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles and Les Cristalleries Saint-Louis have joined forces to present
the « Galerie des Rois » gift set. Inspired by decorative motifs at Versailles, this collection of four crystal tumblers pays homage to the Cristalleries’ exceptional know-how and to the shared history that links the two establishments. Released as a limited edition, the gift set will only be available to purchase on a pre-order basis from 16 May to 30 September 2019.
The profits will go towards the restoration and refurnishing of the Palace of Versailles.

A historic connection
The Palace of Versailles and Les Cristalleries Saint-Louis have been intimately linked by tableware and crystal for over 250 years. In 1767, Louis XV himself signed the letters patent that gave the glass factory the name of Saint-Louis – a reference to Louis IX – together with the title of « Royal » manufacture. Born from the historical bond between the Château and the manufacture, the « Galerie des Rois » collection is the fruit of a dialogue between royal tastes and the expertise of the Crown’s manufactures. 

« It is emotional to think that, over time, the same gestures continue to evoke the same places. With these four tumblers evoking the tastes of four different kings, Les Cristalleries Saint-Louis builds a bridge between heritage and creation that returns the Palace of Versailles to its time, » explains Catherine Pégard, Chairman of the Public Establishment, Museum and National Estate of Versailles.

« The oldest Saint-Louis heritage piece, which dates from 1775, is a tumbler that inspired the « Galerie des Rois » creations. They only differ in terms of the subtle reminiscences evoked by the incisions in their crystal, which echo the decorative styles that the reigning kings successively brought to the Palace of Versailles » emphasises Jérôme de Lavergnolle, CEO of Les Cristalleries Saint-Louis.

Four tumblers inspired by four reigns
In homage to four kings – four Louis – who particularly influenced the history and standing of the Palace of Versailles, Les Cristalleries Saint-Louis has designed a set of four tumblers inspired by the stylistic features of the reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Louis-Philippe in partnership with the museum’s conservation team. « At Versailles, eras and styles were constantly superimposed, creating connections and imaginary worlds that provide incredibly fertile ground for contemporary creation. Beyond its interpretation of royal styles, this project celebrates the role Versailles has played in protecting the arts and craftsmanship, » explains Pierre-Xavier Hans, Head Curator in the Furniture and Objets d’Art Department at the Palace of Versailles.

The flamboyance of Louis XIV and the rococo style of Louis XV both guided Patrick Neu, Head of Creation at Saint-Louis and an artist who regularly works with crystal. He drew inspiration from these influences to compose the cut crystal crowns that encircle the tumblers. Bevelled, threaded, flat or pearled, they form, for example, a wreath of wheat or wooden panels inspired by the Château’s historic rooms and collections. The universal and contemporary shape of the tumbler chosen for this collection enhances the artful crystal work.

The " La Galerie des Rois" gift set will be sold on a pre-order basis
from 16 May to 30 September 2019
- Price per unit: €340 
- Delivery: from 1 October 2019
- Website: http://galeriedesrois.chateauversailles.fr/en/

Pre-order forms can be collected
- From the Librairie des Princes and the Marble Courtyard shop at the Palace of Versailles
- Or sent by post on request from the following address: galeriedesrois@chateauversailles.fr

A dense, clear, sonorous and radiant material, brought to life with a ball of fire and the breath of man, Saint-Louis crystal resonates with the abundance of talent inherited from the past and an incredible creativity inspired by the spirit of our times. Every day for over 430 years, Saint-Louis has been conferring its signature upon crystal glassware pieces – sets of glasses, decorative objects, lamps and furniture – produced by master glassmakers and expert glass-cutters holding the prestigious title of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Each one possesses irreplaceable and ancestral know-how enriched from generation to generation, used to produce mouth-blown crystal that is cut, engraved and decorated by hand and adorned with 24-carat gold or platinum.

Since 2015, the Palace of Versailles has regularly joined forces with emblematic maisons that perpetuate French know-how and excellence to jointly reflect on defending heritage through creation. Each pre-order is thus a chance to produce a limited edition of a unique object that highlights the know-how of the best master craftsmen and contributes to the restoration and refurnishing of the Château.

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« Galerie des Rois » collection, Palace of Versailles / Saint-Louis, 2019
© Jean-Gabriel Barthélémy

« Galerie des Rois » collection, Palace of Versailles / Saint-Louis, 2019
© Jean-Gabriel Barthélémy

« Galerie des Rois » collection, Palace of Versailles / Saint-Louis, 2019
© Saint-Louis

« Galerie des Rois » collection, Palace of Versailles / Saint-Louis, 2019
© Saint-Louis

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