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ore – Ducasse au château de Versailles : opening in september 2016 

To mark the renovation of the Pavillon Dufour, now housing the individual visitors entrance, the Palace of Versailles has entrusted Alain Ducasse to create a new bespoke restaurant to welcome international guests.   Alain Ducasse teams met the challenge with an elegant contemporary café, in the true French spirit, located on the first floor of the pavillon Dufour, opening onto the cour Royale.  Visitors will be received in a convivial and warm setting designed by the architect Dominique Perrault and Frédéric Didier, head architect of the Palace of Versailles. Its development is voluntarily conducted with an absolute adherence to the architectural guidelines ruling over the entire site. As reminders of the Sun King’s splendor, many contemporary reinterpretations of historical decorative themes were developed by Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost.  During the day, the menu features French cuisine classics, light dishes for smaller appetites or delicious pastries for guests as a quick interlude before continuing their visit and discovering the Palace of Versailles. As always, the Alain Ducasse teams take the greatest care in selecting quality products, with a special focus on the vegetables. A seasonal, delicious and gourmet menu.  Ore is the Latin word for mouth. Alain Ducasse thus refers to the pleasures of the mouth, so important to French art de vivre and particularly in Versailles, to the services of the bouche du Roi, whose duty was preparing the meals served at court.   At nightfall, after visiting hours, the place can be privatised, thus becoming the stage for grand dinners, as it was at the time of the Sun King. A setting reminiscent of court opulence, in renovated salons, will allow guests to live a memorable experience in a unique setting.    Alain Ducasse states: « Versailles is a dream that impassions and fascinates. It is a privilege to bring forth my modest contribution to the contemporary history of the Palace. » Catherine Pégard, President of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum, and National Estate of Versailles: « Ducasse à Versailles embodies French art de vivre in the location where it launched France’s renown, but now shared with our visitors from around the world. » Opening in September 2016 Public access, independent to the Palace of Versailles visit tourwww.ducasse-chateauversailles.com

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