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A Hermès scarf in aid of the palace of Versailles

The sale by advance order of the “Promenade à Versailles” Hermès scarf will help to fund the restoration of the palace apartments.

The “Promenade à Versailles” silk scarf is the culmination of a partnership between two prestigious institutions that both embody French savoir-faire and excellence.

The scarf’s design, inspired by the canals that give structure to the palace gardens, consists of a network of vignettes that pay tribute to the most famous sights of Versailles. They meander from the King’s chamber to the Hall of Mirrors, not forgetting the woodland copses and the grand perspective created by André Le Nôtre.

The scarf’s designer Pierre Marie favoured the clarity and simplicity of line drawings to better reflect the classicism of 17th-century France.

The “Promenade à Versailles” scarf designed by Hermès is available in exclusive preview by advance order from 1st May to 31st July 2015. Delivery from 1st Decembre 2015.

Price: €335

It is also possible to take the subscription form at:

- The Librairie des Princes, in the cour d'Honneur of the Palace of Versailles
- Hermès store, 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris
- Hermès store, 17 rue de Sèvre, 75006 Paris
- Hermès store, 42 avenue Georges V, 75008 Paris

The sale by advance order of the “Promenade à Versailles” Hermès scarf will help to fund the restoration of the palace apartments.

This Promenade à Versailles was born of a question: why, with its myriad royal suns, prestigious harnesses and legendary bridles, has Hermès never taken us to visit this unique place before? 

Hermès wished to forge a new union in the magnificent history of its celebrated scarves. Thus, the magic of savoir-faire that has shaped the reputation both of our heritage and of French design has given rise to this “way to present” Versailles, to borrow the words of Louis XIV himself.

But, ever the attentive patron to the Palace of Versailles, Hermès has gone a step further. Through this limited edition, the house is supporting its preservation.

The proceeds from the silk scarf subscription, featuring a contemporary design and colours, will contribute to the restoration and refurnishing of the royal apartments.

Catherine Pégard
Président of the Palace of Versailles

Invited by Catherine Pégard, President of the Palace of Versailles, to welcome the Sun King’s prestigious palace into its very own kingdom of silk, Hermès rose to the challenge.

One evening in front of the Grand Canal, in an exchange with illustrator Pierre Marie, the idea arose to draw an imaginary map of the world of Versailles, as it appeared to us, divided into a chessboard of picturesque vistas, a kaleidoscope of parts. Each one, represented in vignette form, would open a pathway into this imposing labyrinth of imagination brought to life.

As a storyteller on silk, the Hermès scarf had to weave the tale of Versailles with the same simple, unwavering and gracious style of a Charles Perrault story, adapted into a sort of modern comic strip. It seems to me that Louis XIV, who would take care to give his guests a personal tour of the grounds while retaining the wonder of a “childhood spread everywhere”, would have appreciated this allusion.

I hope that this scarf will meet with the approval of all those who love Versailles, and that it will play a role in restoring the Château to its former glory.

Pierre-Alexis Dumas
Artistic Director of Hermes

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