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The Hack’Kings Design Contest

The Palace of Versailles’ New Design Competition

10th December 2014


To coincide with the exhibition 18e, aux Sources du Design, the Palace of Versailles is launching a contest which invites designers to ‘hack’ an icon of eighteenth-century furniture design. The famous Louis XIV chest of drawers created by cabinetmaker André- Charles Boulle, the centrepiece of this exhibition, has been three-dimensionally scanned in order to give contemporary designers the opportunity to reinterpret this classic.

Starting on Wednesday 10th December 2014, the launch date for this contest, the highdefinition digital file of this scan will be available to all design students and professionals who wish to take part via the website www.hackkingsdesign.com .

What does this challenge entail? Candidates are invited to re-appropriate the codes of period furniture making full use of the latest in 3D modelling and printing techniques. Another way of demonstrating the influence that the eighteenth century continues to exert over today’s designers, and the designers of tomorrow.

Applicants are invited to create the most audacious reinterpretations of Boulle’s masterpiece they can muster. A panel of experts from the world of contemporary design and ar€ ite ure will sele 5 models submitted by professional designers and 5 by design  students. ƒ The 10 ch€ osen models will then be submitted to a public vote open to visitors to the exhibition and via the website www.hackingsdesign.com


From 16th December 2014 to 4th January 2015, the Palace of Versailles, in partnership with 3D printer " eciali s BigRep, will be working to recreate a life-size reprodu ion of the original Boulle piece, 3D-printed live inside the palace. ƒ is public demon ration, whi€ will be located at the entrance to the exhibition, will serve to laun€ the competition and demon rate how the traditional skills of the  udents at the Ecole Boulle and the late in 3D printing te€ nology can coexi side-by-side, as complementary tools. Press Contacts Hélène Dalifard, Aurélie Gevrey, Elsa Martin, Violaine Solari +33 (0)1 30 83 75 21 presse@ ateauversailles.fr COMPETITION CALENDAr : - Official launch of the competition: 10th December 2014 - Projects to be submitted by students and designers: 8th December 2014 to 18th January 2015 - Pre-selection by a panel of experts: 19th to 25th January 2015 - Visitors vote in both categories: 26th January to 22nd February 2015 - Prizes awarded: week beginning 23rd February 2015 2


While the majority of 3D printers currently available on the market have a maximum printing volume of around 30cm, the BigRep ONE.2 3D printer is the large# model of its kind in the world. $ is ma% ine opens up new frontiers for 3D printing, allowing for the con# ru& ion of obje& s of up to 1.3m3 in volume.

In order to print such large objects, the BigRep is ( tted to an aluminium frame for maximum # rength and # ability. It has two extrusion units, and is capable of printing with various di) erent types of pla# ic. $ e ma% ine o) ers superb resolution thanks to a minimum layer thi* ness of around 100 microns, allowing it to adapt to obje& s of all sizes.

Technical Specifications
Maximum produ& ion volume: 1060mm x 1070mm x 1105mm (c.1.3m3)
Resolution: 200 microns – 1 mm
Fabrication method: FFF 3D
Printing Printing material: PLA (bio-sourced pla# ic)

This competition is organised in partnership with Bigrep 


Contact Presse

Hélène Dalifard, Élodie Mariani,
​Violaine Solari, Élodie Vincent

+33 (0)1 30 83 75 21


Hack King's Design

Hack King's Design

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