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The palace of Versailles has chosen the LOV Hotel Collection / Alain Ducasse Entreprise consortium for the hôtel du Grand Contrôle project

At the end of the tendering process launched by the Public institution of the Palace, Museum ans National estate of Versailles on 1st August 2015, the LOV Hotel Collection / Alain Ducasse Entreprise consortium has been chosen to carry out the project for an upmarket hotel in the Grand Contrôle and Petit Contrôle buildings and the first hundred steps pavilion.

Having been granted a temporary occupation licence by the public institution, the group will operate the Hotel after carrying out conservation and restoration work on the historic monument, as well as the development work necessary for the hotel project.

This exceptional project will provide a prestigious hotel with twenty or so rooms and a French Haute Cuisine restaurant. The decoration of the building will be classical and refined, in the style of the 18th century.

The redevelopment of these buildings is part of the policy for the development of spaces and economic activities in historic monuments, established in 2009 by the Ministry for Culture and the Secretary of State for Tourism, and which led to the start of an initial project in 2011 which was never completed. 

Communiqué de presse

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Hôtel du Grand Contrôle

Hôtel du Grand Contrôle

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