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The Queen’s Bouquet

A numbered, limited edition perfume by Guerlain, sold to the profit of the restoration of the palace of versailles

From 17th February to 17th may 2016

The Palace of Versailles and Guerlain have decided to work together to bring out a new limited edition perfume, sold by subscription to the profit of the restoration of the royal apartments. A product of the combined initiative and imagination of the two prestigious houses, embodyING French skills and excellence, The Queen’s Bouquet, created by perfume maker Thierry Wasser, has been inspired by the gardens of Versailles and Trianon.


The Queen’s Bouquet perfume

Perfume maker Thierry Wasser has selected the finest scents to compose a sweet-smelling bouquet of majestic fragrances such as jasmine, one of the favourite flowers of Queen Marie-Antoinette, who used it as an elegant perfume when living in the Petit Trianon Palace. The perfume opens delicately with fresh, fruity scents of galbanum and bergamot. Sensual, full-bodied royal jasmine from Calabria then takes centre stage, accompanied by fresh, springtime flowers including cyclamen, freesia and lily of the valley. Base notes of ambergris and white musk enhance the perfume with graceful majesty.

An exceptional bottle

An ICONIC quatrefoil bottle
Created in 1908 for the Rue de la Paix perfume, the quatrefoil bottle by Guerlain takes its name from the unusual shape of its top. Available in a generous 125ml format, the bottle for The Queen’s Bouquet has been faceted like a precious stone. The production of this jewel helps perpetuate a traditional French craft at the Verreries Brosse glass factory, founded in 1892 in the now famous Bresle Valley. 

Royal finery by  Maison Desrues
In tribute to Versailles, Guerlain has decorated its quatrefoil bottle with a piece of finery made by haute couture jeweller Desrues. This French house, founded in 1929, boasts exceptional skills and knowledge in the demanding crafts of metalwork, gilding and fine stone-setting and has put them to good use to create a sun gilded with fine 23-carat gold, sculpted by artisan goldsmiths. 

The sun, a common emblem
Louis XIV chose the sun as his emblem, in the likeness of Apollo, god of peace and the arts. 
The Sun has also adorned certain legendary creations by Guerlain, such as the Sapoceti soap (1828) and La Poudre c’est Moi (1925), named in reference to the famous saying by Louis XIV. Today, the Sun is emblematic of Guerlain.

The art of bottling by Guerlain
With their precise, delicate gestures, the ‘Dames de Table’ in the Guerlain workshop carry on the ancestral skills unique to the company. They dress the quatrefoil bottle with silk threads frayed by hand: haute couture finishings that require precision and expertise. Among other things, it is thanks to the preservation of this craft that Maison Guerlain has been accredited as a “Company of Living Heritage” by the French Ministry of Industry.


The Queen’s Bouquet will be sold only by subscription from 17th February to 17th May 2016. Numbered, limited edition.
- Price: €550 
- Subscription online at: bouquetdelareine.chateauversailles.fr

Subscription forms also available:
 - in the Librairie des Princes book and gift shop (Palace of Versailles) 
 - in the Guerlain shop at 68, Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris    


Press release

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