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Versailles in Australia 
Versailles: Treasures from the Palace

​9th December 2016 - 17th April 2017

Canberra, National Gallery of Australia​

Paintings, sculptures, furnishings, objets d’art… an exhibition that shows Versailles in all its rich es and diversity.
​Its rich es are its works of art by the finest artists, crafted in the most precious materials, such as the bust of Louis XIV which initially stood in the Ambassadors’ Staircase, the monumental Les Gobelins tapestries, the Dauphin’s Desk, the original sculpture of Leto’s Fountain, or the porcelain of Marie-Antoinette. These works of the very highest artistic quality came, from the studios of the finest creators of the 17th and 18th centuries, who made
Versailles what it is and carried its renown far and wide.

Its diversity resides in its different atmospheres. The Estate of Versailles is a world unto itself with its three palaces, two gardens and grounds. From the sheer majesty of the King’s State Apartment to the country ch arm of Marie-Antoinette’s Trianon, from far-ranging vist as to the intimacy of the groves, the former royal residence has great beauty to offer, and many surprises and contrasts derived from its history and the people who have shaped it. The exhibition has been designed as a tour leading the visitor all the way through to the times of the French Revolution.

This encounter with Versailles will also provide an opportunity to appreciate the excellence of French arts and crafts, in past and present alike. Far from being an immobile, if incomparable test imony to the past , Versailles continues to be kept alive by the know-how and talents of the artists and craft s people who work on its preservation and to whom this exhibition pays due tribute. 



Béatrix Saule

Director and General Curator of the National Museum of the Versailles and Trianon Palaces


Communiqué de presse

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Buste de Louis XIV

Jean Varin
Marbre, château de Versailles

Coffre à bijoux

Martin Carlin (1730-1785)
Oak, rosewood marquetry, sycamore, ebony,
tender procelain of Sèvres, golden bronze

Le Roy Louis XIV visitant les Manufactures des Gobelins.

Tapestry, wool, silk and gold thread, weaves in the Gobelins factory.
D’après Charles Le Brun, série de l’Histoire du Roy,
château de Versailles

Chevreuil gardé par les chiens

Alexandre-François Desportes (1661-1743)
Oil on canvas

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